An ode to my baby boy before his first day at school

In precisely two sleeps’ time, my son, you’ll not be my baby boy;
Once you enter those big iron gates, without your favourite toy.

And even though there’s lots of adventures still to come our way;
A part of me must now let go, before your first school day.

It feels so little time ago you were a bump inside my tum;
And now you’re growing up so fast, right before your dear ol’ mum.

I ask myself did I do enough to prepare you for this time?
All the hours we had to ourselves, did I excel or do ‘just fine’?

Have I got you ready for all the stuff that’s soon to come your way?
Like spelling tests, making friends, sack races on sport’s day?

My greatest wish for you, my love is for you to be so free,
To love your life, be yourself around fab friends and family.

I hope I taught you to be kind, to love others and yourself,
And when my human frailty showed, I hope you learnt how to ask for help.

I hope you’ll always stand so tall and be proud of who you are;
My heart and soul could burst with pride at how wonderful you are.

So grab your book bag, new shoes on, it’s time to go to class;
Phonics, sums and storytime, now go and kick some ass!

And always know when times are tough, and you’re feeling down or glum;
I’m not so very far away, and I’m still your loving mum. Xxx



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