About Me

I’m Tania. A mama that tries to be ‘present’, to savour all those precious moments with my two beautiful kiddies (a preschool son and baby daughter) and my wonderful Welshman hubby; to stand firm in my lofty ideals of how to parent and to absolutely, never, not once use screens as a way of distracting my children.

Gahhh! Who am I kidding?! In reality, I’m frantically juggling what feels like seventy-seven gazillion balls in the air at any one time, my mind never stands still and when I’m with my kids my brain is often running through a constant checklist of stuff I feel I should have a handle on but never quite have. My eldest has an electronic childminder by the name of Hey Duggie. And I’m still searching for that hallowed rulebook on parenting. In a nutshell I’m totally winging it. (Please don’t let on to my kids). I am completely Unmindful Mama.

Still, I’ve come to realise that in amongst all those ‘I’m-on-top-of-the-world’, bloody brilliant moments and the bone wearily, rocking-in-a-corner sobbing, utterly impossible times, I’m doing my imperfect best as a parent.  And that’s all anyone can do. I just find it helps to write stuff down so I don’t go too mad pondering it all.

So this blog is my way of getting all this parenting stuff, that’s rattling around in my brain, out there. And, I figure, there might be other Unmindful Mamas (and Papas) who might appreciate reading a good ol yarn about someone else’s parenting faux pas. So here it is, my own personal collection of mummy musings on the good, bad and everything in between. Enjoy.